Risi Real Estate Group Project

Corporate design · Logo design · Print design

BC Risi “Risi Real Estate Group” approached me with a rebranding project for his business. Items included in the project were to design a completely new Business Logo, Business Cards, 4 Page Magazine quality Professional Tearsheet and 2 Pocket Presentation Folder. Additionally, requested was a 3 pocket real estate sign for placing in front of homes for sale. The design included a main center section with Mr. Risi’s headshot, name, new logo, and phone number, an upper section with removable plates – “Coming Soon”, “For Sale”, “Pending”, and “Sold” as well as a lower plate with “Powered by EXP Realty”.

I had just finished another client’s rebranding where the color palette happened to be Black and Gold but the project fell through … no problem … it was a perfect fit for the Risi Team! Mr. Risi is an award-winning Best Selling Author, Co-Producer of a Documentary Film and is a licensed Expert Real Estate Advisor with over 4 decades of real estate experience.

People on project: Me ,Myself & I






OWNER, Risi Real Estate Group


“I first reached out to Stephen after making significant changes in my Real Estate Brokerage which required a complete new Team Logo and Re-branding of everything including but not limited to Business Cards, Yard Signs, 4 Page Magazine Quality Tear Sheet & Presentation Folders. I must say that this was a major job requiring not only massive technical skills but tremendous creativity and artistic production and ability. I am a very demanding, critical and detail orientated individual and wanted a very high-end finished product on all fronts.

Stephen was a dream to work with. Each step of the way Stephen systematically got all my input, was very easy to work with and at times almost seemed to be reading my mind. The results were Stunning. He took total ownership of the project from beginning to end until every last detail for each item was finished, printed and in my hands exactly as I had envisioned. I now have a High-End finished package that I receive positive comments about all the time.

I would highly recommend Stephen for any project that you might have which falls within the realm of his abilities. It was a great pleasure and honor to work with such a capable and consummate professional such as Stephen.”


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