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Case Study
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Sunshine Valley Soap Company – Case Study Online Store

Small family-owned business selling homemade all natural soap and bath accessories near Kansas City, Missouri. Multi-page design with integrated online store.


Stephen Finnerty
Chad Joyce
Eileen Joyce


Web Design

Case Study Online Store
Case Study Online Store
Case Study Online Store
Case Study Online Store

Creative Process

Our creative process for this online store site was a collaboration of efforts between myself and the owner of Sunshine Valley Soap Company.

Time Management

Our timeline for developing this website included various stages, such as market research, user testing, and search engine optimization. Online store release date was March 2023.

User Testing

With our responsive design and user experience research, this online store adapts to any desktop, tablet, or phone screen size, providing a flawless experience for clients.

Market Research

After discussing the concept, a competitor analysis was initiated to ensure we stood out from similar bath accessory ventures with regard to color scheme and content.

Search Engine Optimization

Site was constructed using industry standard schema markup, keyword research, and like-business organic traffic review following closely this recommended path: How to Do an SEO Competitor Analysis – Ahrefs.

Design Features

Introducing Sunshine Valley Soap Company, your go-to destination for all-natural bar soaps. Sporting a wide range of 35 different soap varieties, available for individual bars or for subscription sales through our user-friendly WooCommerce platform, we delivered a world class website.

Creative Idea

Responsive Design

Online shop

Case Study Online Store
Case Study Online Store

User Experience Research

With our responsive design and user experience research, this online store seamlessly adapts to any screen size, providing a superb experience for your customers.

Brand Design

From the initial spark of inspiration to the breathtaking final design, we meticulously crafted each element to represent the brand’s unique layout.

Website Development

Through in-depth market research and competitor analysis, we ensured that this online store stood out from the crowd, captivating the owner’s defined target audience.

Case Study Online Store

A story in Research

When it comes to bringing a fully responsive online store web design to market, extensive research is crucial. At TriCity Graphic Design, we understand the importance of understanding your target audience, analyzing competitors, and staying up to date with the latest design styles. We take pride in delivering exceptional results that truly represent your vision and brand identity. Let us bring your vision to life – TriCity Graphic Design – where creativity meets functionality.

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