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Peauxdunque Review Project

Peauxdunque Review Project

Our initial work with this client was when we created his website for a wedding venue now sold, River Road Chateau. Having received rave reviews from his team, we were offered the chance to design a new website for the Peauxdunque Writers Alliance, and in addition publish the group’s short story and poem journal twice a year. Every volume to date is available for purchase through their online store. Check out this novel site!


March 2018 – Current
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Web Design

Peauxdunque Review Project
Peauxdunque Review Project
Peauxdunque Review Project
Peauxdunque Review Project
Larry Wormington
Owner, Peauxdunque Review and Editor-in-Chief
“…I don’t know about you, but never in any of my other business endeavors have I met someone who actually wants to do more than they promise and then comes in and delivers. Stephen did…and continues to. If you don’t remember one other thing about this review, remember this: Stephen Finnerty treats our business like it’s his business. He genuinely cares and works tirelessly to help us succeed…”
“Publication of this issue was made possible by the technical, creative, and financial support of the Peauxdunque Writers Alliance. Stephen Finnerty at TriCity Graphic Design has, once again, waded through our madness and discombobulation to create a journal look and layout we can all be proud of.”

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