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Top 7 Ways To Improve Your SEO Organic Ranking

So what is SEO? It stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. In this post we will only deal with Google as it is used over 90% of the time when a possible client is looking for products or services. The goal of good SEO practices is to increase your voice and receive more organic traffic. How do search engines work? Basically they use bots to crawl your site, index each page, and store its content in a very large database, then deliver a result to the user who has requested information using a search query. Give our suggestions a try or reach out for assistance to improve your WordPress website visibility.

Research the competition

Researching your competition and developing a tailored SEO game plan can set you apart from like businesses. By understanding what works for others and implementing your unique approach, you can optimize your online presence and increase your search ranking. Follow a well written guide such as ahrefs’ article How to Do an SEO Competitor Analysis” when beginning your journey.

Select your keywords / key phrases

Uncover the secret to unlocking your website’s potential by delving into your competitors’ keywords and discovering how your target audience will seek you out. Explore synonyms and alternative phrases that will attract your prospective clients with strategic keyword placement and optimization techniques that will set you apart in the online world.

Improve Your SEO Organic Ranking

Develop properly sized meta titles and descriptions for every page

Optimize meta titles and descriptions making then clearly describe what your page is all about. Maintaining recommended character length and including your keywords will enhance visibility and impact. The image below is a screenshot from one a Google search of my clients, Dry Docker Inc., showing how these appear in search engine results.

There is a reason you hear “Content Is King”

Don’t let your website get lost in the vast digital landscape, ensure users can find you by adding relevant and high-quality content. Let your website be a true reflection of your brand’s personality and values, connecting with visitors on a deeper level and inspiring them to explore further. By continuously updating your site with fresh and informative material, you can improve your SEO ranking and increase your online presence. Check out this article, “Quality Content” by a leading organization in the world of SEO tools – Semrush.

Improve Your SEO Organic Ranking

On-page SEO strategy

Mastering on-page SEO involves items previously discussed as well as implementation of key components such as heading tag structure, page speed optimization, URL naming conventions, and internal linking. By ensuring your headings are well-structured, your pages load quickly, your URLs include your keywords, and your internal links are relevant and optimized, you can significantly boost your website’s search engine ranking results and user experience. Improve your digital presence with these essential on-page SEO tactics.

Devise a strong backlink strategy

Jump-start your backlink plan by getting added to resource pages, locating broken links for potential replacements with your URL, and enhancing existing content using the skyscraper technique. Boost credibility by providing testimonials for products in your field, getting listed as a resource on your supplier’s website, and reaching out to the local chamber of commerce for added exposure. Elevate your online presence and watch your organic ranking soar! A more detailed article worth reading is: “How To Get Backlinks”.

Improve Your SEO Organic Ranking

Include “alt text” and optimize images

Maximize your website’s SEO potential by always optimizing image size and including descriptive “alt text” to ensure search engines understand the context of your images. By following this simple yet effective strategy, you can boost your organic ranking and increase visibility in search results, ultimately driving more traffic to your site. Some very good suppliers of image optimization software are: Smush – WPMU Dev, Tiny PNG, and EWWW Image Optimizer.

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